Create a limitless number of productions. Archive the basic elements of each production (directors, advertising agencies, products, locations, casting, etc.)

  • Select media files from your digital library for locations, casting and showreels
  • Share with collaborators and clients the selection of locations and casting
  • Controlled, password protected access for your collaborators to approve and comment elements in productions they participate
  • Review which collaborators have seen the presentations you sent them
  • Enter and manage clients, dedicated agreements, receipts, remaining costs, credits and reporting of sales
  • Secure and selective password protected access to sensitive application folders (PPM, directors reel, final TV spot, etc) for advertising agencies, clients or collaborators
film software management demo
software security


  • Budgeted vs Actual cost calculation 
  • Analytical or outlined budget
  • Calculation of overtime and day offs of each specialty involved
  • Calculation of taxes and government contributions
  • Review of all available equipment and human resources
  • Cost estimate form
  • Cost estimate record 
  • Easy script input


  • Comparison between budgeted costs from producers and production directors
  • Input of expenses paid in cash, confirmation of shooting hours, input of invoices etc.


  • PPM branded presentation
  • PPM export to pdf file
  • Libraries with video, images, sound, data and all multimedia file formats
  • Online sharing and collaboration with associates with password protected access


film management software demo PPM



location libraries


Add and categorize media, images, music files and documents in all image and video formats. Upload final artwork and create or update your company’s show reel.


Create your own library with locations. Search by keywords and easily find what suits best for each production. Save time and effort.

  • Create fast and easy location folders and navigate from the menu
  • Upload photographs and videos for every location
  • Use keywords in every location or file you add
  • Search the locations you want from your library and create presentations
  • Share selected locations with clients and collaborators and get feedback


Create a library with models, actors, common people. Create presentations and invite your collaborators to view them online.

  • Add photographs, video, documents, keywords and personal information
  • Make presentations and portfolios with people suitable for every audiovisual project
  • Share your presentations with your collaborators and partners online


budgeting and casting



secure e-mail sharing


Invite via a fully functional and branded e-mail everyone engaged in a production to view the media files you wish to share with them. A micro site is generated with the selected media files for the receiver to view, like, approve, reject, comment or download.

  • Automate your work by compiling elements in an e mail
  • Select the receivers and the media or data files you want them to view
  • Brand your e-mails and provide an engaging experience to your clients
  • Fast and simple navigation within the micro site
  • Approve, like, reject, comment or download, part or the whole presentation
  • Download the presentation or a specific media file in a zip or pdf form
  • Brand and customize your presentations


Drag and drop multimedia files and share them via secure password protected e-mail with co-producers, directors, clients, production directors and other collaborators.

  • Upload files of any form or size
  • Use the existing categorization for easier navigation
  • Use the possibilities of the file manager for better speed and flexibility
  • Apply a watermark to your files 
drag and drop to upload new media

Found in all versions



  • Application available for Android and iOS
  • Speed: Web2 application 
  • Security: 128 bit encryption password and 64 bit encryption for data access
  • Multimedia: video, image and data reproduction for all files and formats
  • Interactivity: SMS and e-mail abilities
  • Usage: over internet
  • Interface: user friendly, simple and easy to use 
  • Drag n’ drop options for ease in data, images or video input
  • Multiple layer functions
  • Fully upgradable, multi modular with limitless development