Printing Management Software



  • Search products to print by seasonality, commercial policies criteria or from suggested lists
  • Full customization of sizes, number of prints, type of poster etc.
  • Time and date scheduling of prints
  • Text auto sizing and logo repositioning according to size and type
  • Poster printing up to 5m. x 5m.
  • Print preview
ease of poster designing



  • Text and images auto sizing
  • Work flow, with printing automations
  • Full graphic environment
  • Flexibility and quick designing
  • Multi layered properties per poster
  • Reproduction of templates for multiple designing themes
  • Ease of use
  • Posters generated in Adobe pdf format 
  • Design preview
  • Free poster designing


  • Product record automatically updated
  • Dynamic stock updates
  • Scheduled tasks by date and time
  • Automatic print outs of posters 
  • Prepared lists of pricing policies for posters
  • Alerts for changes in product ID’s and barcodes

fully customizable designing


For automatic customization of posters the designing scheme qualifies for:

  • Triggers, functions and more customization tools
  • Database access for multiple customizing options
  • Direct and dynamic combination of poster/product/commercial policy within a store
  • Customized profile per store/ group of products / printer
  • Multiple seasonality pricing policies
  • Depiction of prices, different currencies and/or percentages
  • Storage of: store details, printers and sizes of print outs, users and user permissions, logos, images and backgrounds
  • Profile customization with printing preferences
  • Personalized interface design for every user.



  • Centralized administration of commercial policies/retail stores input
  • Creation and conservation of commercial policies based on product categories, products, special promotions, seasonalities, sales periods, etc.
  • User controlled manual change of prices with or without ERP/CRM matching
  • Conservation of contact details and mapping of every store
  • Reporting for price alterations per product
time to cut costs

personalize your interface


  • Web based for remote access 
  • Billingual platform (English - Greek)
  • Full control of user/retail store access
  • Customizable interface for every user
  • Flexible implementation of printing customizations according to products/prices/commercial policies


  • Multiple search filters
  • Pricing alteration history 
  • Customization of store profiles/printing preferences 
  • Scheduled price changes and massive alterations
  • Product, price and description integration from Microsoft excel files
  • Automatic selection of pricing policies per retail store